Anthony M. Ordinaria is a Filipino visual artist currently based in Saint Petersburg, Florida. He was born in the Philippines, grew up with the gift of creativity in visual arts. He never pursued any formal art education. However, his skills in fine art were learned from his own explorations in different mediums and art forms.

     His life as an artist was left on a side line when he took up a degree in Nursing and practiced as a full time RN in the Philippines and later in the United States. In almost two decades of gainful career in nursing, he indulged himself in sporadic bursts of art activities/ works as a way of relieving stress, and feeding his true passion. He believes that being an artist never ends as " We always draw our last breath " .

     As a true artist, he recently gave himself the chance to pursue his gift. He has started to create more artwork and is also currently engaged in digital photography. Most of his works are Real Life & Abstract Paintings ( acrylic, oil, water color ) and Drawings which includes provocative and critical caricatures/ cartoons ( which were recently revived ) . His works in Digital Photography mainly covers Portraiture, Travel, Real Life, Sports, Nature & Wildlife, Landscapes, Macro, and Abstract. He has teamed up with his cousins Nep Tabancura and Anna Karmela Cacho in doing location photoshoots for Engagement & Prenuptials.

     This site will showcase his creative works in art and digital photography. If interested in any of his works, please view his contact information or leave a message. Thank you for visiting this site.